ScuttleButt/4a – Behind Enema Lines

A posting on AtariAge brought the 2018 Sinclair Spectrum game of Scuttlebutt to my attention. I liked the video so much that I thought about a possible port to the TI-99/4a. I contacted the author Karl Hörnell and he was so kind to send me the original artwork of the game.

Beautiful Graphics: Karl
Simple Graphics: Me

I chose to use the character graphics, so the background isn’t as seamless as in the original. And I adopted the subtitle from the C64 version because I liked it.

A giant posterior has turned up in your living room and intends to make a mess. Move left and right to catch the waste in your bucket.

The bucket has limited capacity. Empty it in the toilet now and then so that it doesn't overflow. Good luck!

The game is written in Structured Extended BASIC (SXB), getting translated to Standard Extended BASIC by the free TiCodEd Development Environment.

You can play ScuttleButt/4a in your web-browser by downloading the virtual module: ScuttleButt.bin

Then go to and select “Load Cart” and select the downloaded ScuttleButt.bin and follow the instructions on the screen.

Control your player with “S” for left and “D” for right. Remember to dump the content of your bucket to the toilet on the right before it overflows.

This game can also be played with other emulators like Classic99 or even on the real TI-99/4a with the FinalGROM99 cartridge.

Do you want to see how it works?