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Introducing Structured Extended BASIC and TiCodEd

Wouldn't it be nice to have modern, structured Extended Basic on your TI-99/4a ? No need for GOTO's anymore? Using a Windows PC Editor and safe your work directly to a FIAD Disk, ready to use from an emulator with a stock Extended Basic module?

Well, here it is. I am happy to present you TiCodEd. It offers:

You can have much more comfort in editing your source, enjoy a good readable format with indention and without line numbers, but structured elements like REPEAT-UNTIL and WHILE-ENDWHILE, in addition to labels. With one click this can not only be converted to Standard Extended Basic, but also written to TIFILES in tokinized format to be directly used by an emulator like Classic99 using OLD DSKx.<yourfile>.

Your program is working perfect? TiCodEd can also write the program in MERGE format for direct use in ISABELLA to be compiled.

Download the latest Version of TiCodEd here:

What's new in Version 1.1?

Not convinced yet? You can have a look in the updated manual first. Lazarus Source is included, released under BSD License.

For questions and comments you can reach me by mail ticoded (at) lizardware.de.

Old Versions: